How to Fix Mywifiext Error Issue?

June 9, 2020

Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network” while connecting the mywifiext.

You may find different variations of these error messages depending on the web browser you use.

You would come across this error message when you try to access the This error occurs since the website is not your regular internet website, but a local web address you use to open the setting of your NETGEAR wireless range extender.

Mentioned below are some of the steps you may try to help you resolve this issue:

  1. The NETGEAR wireless range extender and your wireless router have to be in the same room before starting off the troubleshooting. Don’t worry; you may move your extender to your intended location once the setup is successfully completed.
  2. Ensure that the NETGEAR wireless range extender is connected to a power socket and is receiving power by watching the power LED lights.
  3. Some NETGEAR wireless range extenders have a Computer to Extender LED, ensure this LED is lit. If the LED is not turned on, unplug the Ethernet cable that is connecting your Extender and the computer and plug it in again.
  4. Enter the default IP address of the NETGEAR wireless range extender in your web browser. If you receive an error again, try to reset your browser and try again.
  5. You may try access the web age through a different web browser too.
  6. Connect your computer to NETGEAR wireless range extender via Ethernet cable.
  7. Assign a static IP address to your computer.
  8. It is important to note your Windows default gateway or Mac router address before you make any changes to the network settings. The IP address and Subnet mask should be and respectively.
  9. You may want to contact NETGEAR support and talk to their expert if you are still not able to connect to your NETGEAR wireless range extender.

Note: It is important to ensure that you type in the correct web address. A mistyped web address will lead you to a fraudulent third-party website that will attempt to get access to you login credentials and charge you in the name of customer service.

NETGEAR does not try to access your login credentials or charge customers to use the product. NETGEAR also provides 90 days free Live Chat and phone support if the product is purchased from an authorized seller.

If you are still facing the issue, don’t worry! You can call us 24×7  prompt tech support.